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Welcome to the registration for the Congress Future For All. All panel discussions and major events will be streamed publicly. This registration is for those who want to participate in workshops and other formats, contribute to the question-answer-part of the panel discussions and have access to the networking platform as well as spaces for cooperation. Please reserve some time to fill out this form, since you will already be asked to choose the workshops you want to join. You can find the program here.

In contrast to most events, the workshop places will not be given out on a first-come-first-serve-basis but will be distributed through a lottery based on your preferences. There is space for everyone but people who state that they belong to a group that is affected by structural discrimination will be favored. This first round of registration ended August 10th. The current second round will be closed at August 20th, 18:00. Please register before then for we are not sure if it will be possible to register and choose workshops afterwards.
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